Modern Marketing Mashup – Content, Personas, Data

mashupThe conversation started from content – generally hot topic in the marketing community.  Though all of us understand the benefit of useful content, the quantity vs. quality question often takes center of the discussion.

An interesting point: even if the same message is sent repeatedly to the same audience, it can be completely acceptable.  The audience is unlikely to be overwhelmed, and we will be lucky if they see the piece at all. Our customers are busy…

Marketing – creativity and content tied together by data

Mark Friedler

The discussion after the panel probed if creativity and content could be exactly the same.  My guess, if the content is defined as a “topic” and creativity is “method of delivery” of the topic, the above definition of marketing would make sense.

Content is typically organized by personas.  3M approaches personas as roles, goals, and then tasks.

  • Roles (could be a dentist, etc.)
  • Goals and pinpoints (price sensitive dentist, dentist that wants to move patients as quickly through his office as possible, dentist “craftsman,” who is interested in the craftsmanship of the work)
  • Tasks (transactional, etc. )

Executives can point out: we do not need personas…  the data will show us on the granular level how to target.  The argument against this position was the need to start from something, even if the ideal targeting is possible…  and personas is an excellent opportunity.

Just because you have the data does not mean you have the answer

Mark Friedler

When data “is not quite there:” purchasing the product and cancelling the order because of changes in the delivery time.  Despite the order was cancelled, the lost customer was added to the “new customer” program, what did not make the person happy 🙂

NAS – not always selling

Travel company testing: if the person is not purchasing travel package to New York…  not to recommend a travel package to another destination, but useful content for the target destination: “What to do in New York in the spring…”


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