MN Search – Online Marketing Strategy: SEO, PPC and beyond

MNSBoth presentations concentrated on two general concepts: understanding of business goals and prioritization.  It is interesting to see that the subject-matter expert community is thinking about strategic objectives even if our subject-matter expertise is in the intricacies of a specific marketing tactic. This is a very positive move for the industry – now we just need to educate stakeholders 🙂  The evolution of marketing as an industry continues!

“Ignore low priority issues” – an excellent advice, which is very easy to understand and very hard to achieve.


Based on my personal experience, goals in general may not be understood by stakeholders, and it is difficult to explain.  “Placing this content on the web site” is not a goal, though this task can pass for the goal in quite a few conversations.  Good examples of easy to explain goals is below:


Another interesting point is to look at what has already worked in the past – very often overlooked.  We might jump to the new shiny object and under invest into a tactic (yes, tactic in this case!) that can bring more result for a specific goal.

Interesting data on quality score impact on PPC expenses.


Even from the PPC perspective, the connection to business goals, prioritization and understanding what works is important.

For the PPC optimization:

  • ensure that the account is aligned with business goals
  • focus the budget on the areas that are performing best
  • prioritize according to your biggest opportunities
  • ignore low priority issues



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