Eloqua Users Group – Coding

Untitled-1The event concentrated on coding tips for Eloqua editor (non-developers), and explanation of responsive design…  General insight was quite interesting.

Many companies do not have access to designers and front-end developers for any of their marketing automation needs at this point – hopefully, it will change in the future.  Eloqua generally promoted itself as a tool that can liberate marketers from IT, and it is probably the result.  Yes, Eloqua allows marketing not to depend on IT, but marketers themselves are not designers and not front-end developers, what gives instantaneous advantage to  companies who understand the need for this expertise.

Query string capture: JS or cloud component?  

Both can be used, but JS is more stable (and can be done by developers who does not have access to cloud components).  Cloud component is better for people who are not comfortable with the code (what is probably a function of hiring and training approach).  Cloud component had an error at one point (copying the landing page would break the landing page that was copied).

Email with responsive design…  limited use in general. 

Quite interesting…  I was trying to get on the bandwagon of email responsive design a couple of years ago, and many organizations are trying to do it now.  Cautiously.  As B-to-B may not see so much mobile activities and mobile device CTR is tiny compared to computer CTR…  The rationale “the destination page is not mobile” may not hold, as a person need to click to discover that… More likely explanation is “I do not want to look at work emails when I am not at my desk, unless it is something from my boss… 😉 ”   B-to-B email activity (and web sites) is also drops during the weekend dramatically.  Good.  Prospects need rest (as marketers).

Responsive emails are beneficial when the audience is expected to be traveling (conference situation, etc.).  Responsive design in general is more complex, requires different templates, takes more time and can introduce more errors.

Marketers do not use Open Rate as a metric (only for trending).  Non-marketing stakeholders sometimes want it…  marketers are trying to educate stakeholders about the metric, what is not always successful 🙂


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