MN Search – GTM and Digital Measurement Model

GTMWow – sold out event, great presentations, and insightful questions.  Though the speakers pointed out that “it feels like work…” by the representation of Three Deep crew and clients on the front row, it felt great to me!  I know the agency that knows what are they doing 🙂

Interestingly, the audience had many more agency representatives rather than in-house marketers…  and it makes sense – the topic is new, it is complex…  and it might be one of those “do not try it at home” areas when in-house marketing teams do need to get help of experts.  I truly learned my lesson 🙂

Large organizations: how to avoid accidental publishing of tests, etc?  Implement workflow rules (governance) – in this case it might be a good idea to borrow the governance from IT – as IT has multiple site users and already developed the workflow of content publishing.

We all love GTM…   it is not 100% clear to me what is the additional benefit of paid tag management systems, besides, obviously, support.  More to learn – as always!

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