Mobile Twin Cities – Smart Retail with Myriad Mobile

MyriadMobile.As usually, quite eye-opening event, which opened my eyes on the part of marketing that have not been a focus of my attention.  Interesting points:

tacoTaco Johns used a mobile app to promote a new product.  Interesting point of the case study – the highlight of the app is to get points redeemable for free food 🙂  The app was successful to attract thousands of participants, though the case study does not indicate how successful the product lunch itself was.  The app definitely encouraged people to try the new food item.

AvabarAvabar and Myriad Mobile are working on a social bar app, which would allow bar visitors to get deals for items they can purchase at a bar.  The app will integrate with social networks and will be “bar-independent” – it will be useable in any bar and will provide a clear benefit (a discount) for its user.

Particularly interesting – the app is technically a consumer discount tool on the surface, designed to provide vendors with useful information on consumption patterns and deal value effect.

Retailers are experimenting with iBeacon – a technology that allows to provide specific information to a mobile device based on proximity.  The device owner would have to download a dedicated app from this particular retailer to receive the communications.  (However, this approach might find a practical application for all apps that downloaded once and never uses 😉  The technology will probably be truly beneficial when only one basic app need to be uploaded for all major retail vendors to provide somewhat consistent benefit to the shopper.)

estimoteEstimote is one of major suppliers of iBeacons.  The technology is currently in search of a major problem to solve 😉

ibeakonThe most interesting insight from the event is the perception of retail.  Retail is not about purchasing and picking up “things,” but about the experience in the store.  This makes total sense.


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