MIMA – Content Strategy 2015: Marketing, Mobile and the Enterprise

kristinaSold-out event where local marketing community met, chatted, and snacked on some lovely food 😉

Usual distinction of content marketing vs. content strategy was discussed from different angles.  Thinking after the event…  would’t content strategy be part of general marketing strategy?  As, theoretically, it could be a strategic marketing decision not to engage into content marketing as any other channel…



One of the interesting points is feeling of urgency on the b-to-b side, and particularly enterprise level, in the area of content.  From another side, Kristina pointed out that CMOs with millions spent on content marketing can not always define the measurement and objective of the activity…


Hmmm…  we may not know why we are working on the content, but we definitely do it as an industry.  Ah. Kristina has a good advice:


Content strategy for mobile…  The presentation suggested that the content should be accessible on any device.  I doubt it…  As we do not need all home amenities in our car, do we need all desktop site “amenities” in our tiny phone?

Lovely, very entertaining presentation!  I loved to hear that many marketers are struggling just as the rest of us to make sense of it all and find some happy place between what we could do and what we should do… 🙂

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