Book – Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

multipliersVery insightful book – at almost every point, you can not stop from thinking:  “ah, yes, I had this type of a manager one time…”

The main idea of the book is the difference between different managers in influence on their team and productivity of the team.  Multipliers encourage people to give more than 100% of their abilities (stretch the abilities) to the project.  Diminishers discourage participation and people routinely report that they contribute to the company 50%-70% of what they could contribute.

summaryIn some organizations, autocratic managers is the norm, but the recommendation to those people in the book is “to be a better manager than your boss.”  The boss may not care, but the organization will benefit tremendously from the multiplier approach.

What is possible if you can access all of the intelligence in your organization? By extracting people’s full capability, Multipliers get twice the capacity from them.

Liz Wiseman

What multipliers do differently compared to diminishers?

  • They attract and optimize talent
  • They require people’s best thinking
  • They extend challenges
  • They debate decisions
  • They instill accountability

Which will you be: A genius? Or a genius maker? Your choice matters.

Liz Wiseman

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