Book – Change to Strange

change-to-strangeVery insightful approach to a human resources strategy and metrics.  Human resources are considered part of business strategy (what makes complete sense), which should play important part in company differentiation and managed as a part of overall business strategy.

Human resources can be a strategic advantage, and to achieve it, the company needs to hire “strange” people, who may not be valued by competition and not to worry is “standard” people would leave the company to the competition because of change in company’s strategy.

One of the examples is a wealth management company that is trying to concentrate on higher net worth individuals than before.  Some of its employees may not be comfortable with it and could leave, what is completely fine from the company’s perspective.  The company has a new strategy (what is a choice and a risk as any strategy), and now it needs “strange” workforce to support it.

  1. Determine your desired outcomes first (overall business strategy)
  2. Define metrics that are most appropriate to evaluate your success (if satisfied customers are the objective, metrics of keeping calls as short as possible in the call center may not be the best metric)
  3. Define what workforce behaviors can contribute to the success
  4. Hire people who share particular characteristic (or train, etc.) and don’t worry if others will leave to the competition
  5. Strange workforce architecture – build the entire architecture around needed qualities; the architecture might be different for different type of jobs

It is a pleasure to encounter a book after book after book that emphasize general business strategy as the basis for other business decisions – customer experience, workforce, etc.

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