Book – Show and Tell

Show-and-Tell-bookExcellent presentation guide!  Very clear and thoughtful approach to preparation of the most effective presentation.

I have a habit of drawing my PPT slides on a piece of paper and going through a few iterations before switching to a computer…  The book shows how to do it properly 🙂

Slides should be limited to one idea.  A slide should have:

  • A headline
  • A picture
  • A brief caption
  • Nothing else

A unique (and very helpful!) approach to the presentation outline.  Instead of the outline, our story line is our Presentation’s Underlying Message Architecture – PUMA



The most critical presentation in my experience is the pitch.  The report and explanation are more typical ones, but the pitch might be a point between working on an important project and doing busy work of the office.  It deserves special attention 🙂


The windup: a quick summary of where we are today

The hurdle: introduction of a problem we are all facing

The vision: glimpse of a way over the problem

The options: two ways to reach the vision – a boring one and an inspiring one

The close: why the inspiring option is really the only option

The fine print: using excitement of the audience, we cover the details of how it can happen

The hook: end with an added benefit

Interesting: overly beautiful stock photos are not recommended, as they can actually damage the message.  The audience know that the picture is not “true,” and disconnects from the presentation.  “If presentation is lying about this, what else is not true?”

The author of the book also created with a variety of offerings to corporations and individuals.

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