Book – Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is about Help Not Hype

youtilityAn interesting book – full of very specific examples to ignite imagination about your business.  I guess, it was planned 🙂

The main point of the book is the need to provide something useful to potential customers to become known to them as a useful resource in the topic.  And – being a useful resource in the topic helps selling topic-related items very effectively.

An important point: being remarkable may not be possible, but being useful is always possible, much easier to do, and proven to give results.

An excellent example in b-to-b is SAP blog – Business Innovation

SAP discovered a problem – most of the traffic to its web site were coming from branded keywords – it was people who new about the company already.  To introduce the company and its expertise to people who did not think about SAP as a problem solver for their need, the company started the blog. The result: the percentage of people who fills out the lead form is higher for the blog audience than for the web site audience.  Blog not only helps find new audience, but the audience is clearly more qualified.


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