Book – QR Codes Kill Kittens

bookAnother lovely book from Scott Stratten.  I still have some points from his Un Marketing book in one of my periodically updated work presentations 🙂

Every time you use a QR code for your business because you can, and not because you should, whether your market wants them or not, a kitten dies – a sweet, innocent kitten.

The book is very entertaining, and the video below is simply hilarious – highly recommend!

The main idea of the book is a call to think before using any new “shiny object” in marketing – think about the purpose, audience, and the benefit (or any potential harm?) to the brand.


Why would anybody need a QR Pet Tag?

  • 85% of people have a cell phone
  • 50% of phones are capable of scanning a QR code
  • 17% of people have scanned a QR code
  • 50% were successful and would scan a QR code again

This means that 3.6% of people scan QR codes.  99% of people can call a phone number with their phone…  How about trying something else on the tag?  Like a phone number.

How about placing a QR code where it is not possible to scan?  Below is an excellent example.


Another hilarious example – a QR code on the bus that allows to check with availability of local emergency room.


Advertising executive might love QR codes…


Other curious marketing issues:

Study conducted by on 696 companies with online lead forms revealed that sales reps were, on average, attempting their first call to a newly submitted web lead after 39 hours had passed… 36% pf those audited never responded to a submitted lead during the entire two-week tracking period (2012).

Or just simple lack of attention that was not beneficial for a marketer:


And a note for social media issues in marketing (there are too many):

If you don’t have the time or resources to manage your social media accounts properly, or your product quality control for that matter, you shouldn’t be focusing on new technologies.  Your time is better spent elsewhere.


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