Mobile Twin Cities – UX – Communicating with Developers

pureBrigitte Dahlberg made a wonderful presentation on communicating with developers for a diverse audience of developers and curious people from the business side, including two marketers 😉  Even a couple of lawyers were in the audience; the lawyers gave surprisingly insightful overview of the NDA.  Overall, it was a lovely meeting of Mobile Twin Cities (even from a marketer’s perspective 🙂 ).

A few points from the presentation:

US professionals – a bridge between business and developers.

User journey (how the product is used). It should normally be done before agile sprints, but could be done in the middle.

Screen flow (Site map). Do not concentrate only on current users – as you want MORE users.

Wireframes (wireframes are not a design… it is wireframes 😉 ).


Mobile wireframing: show the keyboard on the wireframe or not?  Better to show, as otherwise, developers will make assumptions.

Design: sometimes, a designer can design something impossible to build.  Do not get approval for the design before developer review.

watchWhat to do with weareables?  We still do not know how weareables will be used – everybody is experimenting.

Wireframing for responsive/adaptive – need to have a wireframe for each break point.

Tools of the trade (prototyping): – allows to create prototypes of websites and apps without coding

axure – free trial available

balsamiq – free tool (as far as I understand)



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