Book – Dataclysm

dataclysmInsightful book. The book gives an understanding of the degree of data analysis that is becoming possible and how different the expression of preferences in data compared to previous methods of research.  People can answer surveys based on what they are “expected to think” rather than on what they think.

A few “obvious” findings from the book are still complicated race perception in modern US, male preference for 20 year old women, and hiring decisions based on physical attractiveness or names that could be associated with a specific race.  The author was not surprised.  However, the method to determine all these preferences is becoming more precise.

One of curious findings: dating sites (OK Cupid, data from which the author analyzed, and tried social media connections…  and they did not work.  Generally, people prefer to keep their romantic endeavors away from their friends 🙂   This is probably one of quite a few aspects where people would embrace technology, but not social media.

axiomThe book gave another reference to Axiom – I am yet to understand how the data companies can benefit b-to-b, but the benefit to b-to-c seem to be very clear.   M&A activity in this area will probably intensify while it will take some time for the market to understand practical applications of the data services universe and budget for it.

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