MN Search – SERPS Insights

niftyVery insightful presentation – as usually.  One of the most reassuring points is a recommendation to do our own research rather than jumping on the best practices of the industry.  Best practices may not quite work as they are promoted, or not quite work in your industry.  Best practices may not quite work in your particular competitive environment, even if they might be beneficial in your industry.

question-everythingAnother interesting point is prevalence of SPAM in some industries, and the knowledge that SPAM does work.  In some cases SPAM can result in the banning of the site, and if it happens, the site can be restored in a few months (with loss of the position).  However, the business benefit that SPAM can bring to the organization before the site is banned, could be valuable enough that business in some industries chose to engage in SPAM.  In some cases, the loss of activity after the ban occurred and site is restored is relatively small (one penalized company saw 10% decrease in leads).


Mike Ramsey researched the search activity of legal industry (his concentration), and discovered that local search was not as popular as expected. screenshot-desctio

Interestingly enough, the mobile local search (what the event audience expected to be very popular), performed even worse.


In some cases, Paid outperformed Organic, and not only Local.

Recent discovery in the community (“mechanical Turk” method) – clicks influence ranking…  most likely, this algorithm will be changed quickly now to prevent abuse.

Interesting – large companies may not need to invest so much efforts (or resort to SPAM) because of significant brand equity they already have.  Ah – but large companies are typically compete with other large companies 😉

Is creating good content enough?  You might be missing traditional techniques, particularly in local.

Local search marketer’s dilemma:

If I report on ROI, I will need to “play dirty” in some competitive industries.  If I report on Traffic, some of traffic will not bring ROI.

Mike is starting to see “smarter spam.”

We are creating marketing content at a rate that soon there will be more content that can be consumed.

AttributionMarketers need to get better on Analytics and Attribution (ah, yes, completely understandable – marketers seem to make significant efforts, but the time required for the true mastery is rather significant).   T-shaped Web Marketer has been mentioned again 🙂

Tools: (usability tool)  (Backlink tool – has a free trial) (Digital Marketing competitive tool – has a free trial)


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