MIMA – Overused and Misunderstood: What “Experience” Really Means

cxoAh – the title of CMO was very recently new…  and now we can see a presenter with the title of Chief Experience Officer.  Long live progress! 🙂   Chuck Hermes made an insightful presentation on the November MIMA event and recommended a few resources that worth investigating further.

What is experience?  It is an event or occurrence that leaves an impression.

It does not have to be limited to any specific channel or department…

Omni-Channel Experience – Days of Product and product features are over. The product is the experience.

Experience innovation


  • Companies thirst for customer experience innovation, but don’t know how to get it. Companies are throwing time, money, and resources at customer experience innovation. But most simply copy their competition or pray that the shiny technology du jour will put them ahead. The result is scattershot experiences that provide no real value to either the customer or the business.
  • Customer experience innovation differs from typical improvement processes. Customer experience improvements enhance interactions that already meet customer needs and drive immediate business value. In contrast, customer experience innovations solve for unmet customer needs, create new types of interactions and/or significantly change the qualities of interactions, and drive long-term differentiation.
  • Successful innovations triangulate on customer needs, business model, and brand. New customer touchpoints and interactions that don’t solve a real customer problem are just innovation for innovation’s sake. Once customer needs are uncovered, potential innovations must be vetted within the context of the business model and brand to ensure business relevance and longevity.


Excellent article below explains the need to combine the physical and digital company’s operation and avoid digital silo…  silo approach is considered a development stage in the road to the more enlightened future of business.  Macy (considered success in the article) has a Chief Omni-channel Officer and not Chif Digital Officer…


Based on a study of 20 global industries, the article recommends 5 approaches that can help companies to succeed in the transition.  “Some of them are common sense but not commonly practiced.”

A very interesting point of the importance of not only understanding the need, but ability to execute based on the understanding.


Recommended books:

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