Eloqua Users Group – October 2014

r1Very useful discussion, as usually.  Relationship One is an App Cloud partner of the Month!  Congratulation!!  🙂

Upcoming system updates:

  • Signature rules upload from CSV – great!
  • Edit of the uploaded HTML from the split screen (finally!)
  • Some additional landing page analysis (need to check)

Customer spotlight featured a company  new to Eloqua, that has knowledgeable people and  has made significant progress from January 2014. One of the campaigns discussed – a subscription campaign for Canadian prospects before summer legal changes.

The company offered its prospect a downloadable gift in exchange for a subscription.  The list was unknown; the results were about 20% of open rate and 1% of CTR.  The interesting part – the gift was a choice of downloading a song or picture printing.  Picture printing was more popular than song download.  Over half of people that came to the landing page filled out the form – what was good.

The discussion in the group touched on an interesting point – misunderstanding of resources needed to use the system – both skill set and number of people.

In many cases, Eloqua is purchased because it does not require HTML skills…  but, it is not completely true – HTML/Photoshop is vital for email marketing.  Interesting – Eloqua editor is similar to PPT; though the best PPTs are done by designers – or people who are somewhat good in this area.   Eloqua is probably similar – yes, you can do something without the skills needed, but it would be as attractive as a PPT made by a person devoid of design sense and minimal writing ability.

Many people are struggling with staffing – and a general industry problems are strategy and staffing.  Marketing automation will thrive only when it is not supported by strategy and knowledgeable resources.  Maybe soon…  maybe later.   As the tenure and importance of CMOs is gradually increasing, so should our hopes for wonderful future of marketing automation 🙂