MN Search – Going Beyond the What with Google Analytics

jeffJeff Sauer ( ) always has a valuable insight to share – it was a very informative event.

The tools tells us “what” but not “why” – at the same time, going beyond “what” is the key for adoption of the tools themselves.

What is important:

  • Get buy-in
  • Understand the tools
  • Sharing the results

How to get buy-in?  Use the approach: is what I am saying “boardroom worthy?”analytics-impact

  1. What are the objectives of the company?
  2. What benefits will they receive?
  3. Will they understand the terms?
  4. Point out the facts and share case studies
  5. Predict the value you will bring to the table (increase profit by x%…)
  6. CFO will want numbers to support your arguments

Return on Analytics (Avinash)

Use Frameworks (people love them!)

Goal > KPI > Give each KPI meaning

Targets > Tactics > Teams (Marketing IT, Vendors, etc.) > Tools (the last thing!)

Understanding your toolssnowplow

Strategy first > tools last

Old principle: spend 10% of budget on tools and 90% on people

The only constant is change…

Jeff is a champion of GTM (as many people in the field).  “If something interesting will come out next year, it will be possible to track with GTM…”

What developers hate doing:

  • front-end development
  • tagging marketing campaigns

New tool to check – Snow Plow analytics  (the tool allows to aggregate data in a data warehouse to perform any needed analysis with additional data sources.

The dream of the tool to do everything… is just a dream…

Share the results

  • What you say is important
  • What you don’t say is even more important


Use visuals

  • Do not share your work – share the insight
  • Find champions in your organization (you personally may not be as respected in the organization as necessary to see the value of your work)
  • Assume others will see your work (is it your best work?)
  • Remove ambiguity
  • Smart people act dumb (if you are the smartest person in the room, look like an idiot – people do not want to be threatened)
  • Every slide of your presentation should have an insight
  • You do not need to show people the details – do more by doing less

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