Eloqua Users Group – Reports


Ah – as Erin correctly pointed out…  most of us are truly intimidated by Insights…  and we are having a hard time getting insights our of Eloqua Insights.  I think, I am starting to understand why…  Insights are built on the BI premise, rather than a specific tool with the sole purpose of a very narrow goal.  Though the idea makes sense, BI platforms are too complex for the typical user of email marketing and automation reports…  and the time is yet to come when most of the audience have Close Loop reporting setup. Ah – in many cases, we are still struggling with basic  integration issues.

If metric won’t change how you behave – it is not a metric worth reporting

BI origin probably explains the complexity of the Prompt…  it looks much closer to Crystal reports and Google Analytics 🙂


Data visualization best practices were also mentioned.  Data visualization topics have been present on three events presented by three different professional associations during last three months – the topic seem to be raising in popularity.

Interesting:  Insights uses “Attributes” instead of “Dimensions” used by Google Analytics.


Another interesting point was the full dethroning of the Open Rate – yes, I agree!  Maybe I can remove it from my reports also…  It was also removed from the testing reports – thanks to a smart member of my team.


Good source on the inter-workings of Insights is Topliners



Though Eloqua Insights is the tool to extract metrics from Eloqua, I would still supplement it  with other data and use other display mechanism, as Insights do not seem to be sufficiently flexible.   Actually, it reminded me Omniture from a few years ago 🙂

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