MN Search – the State of Search


Good event with discussion of Pigeon update and its effect of local search, the end of authorship, and some changes in paid search.  There are many changes in the industry, and we will probably see more changes in the future… Ah, well… for those of us who are not specializing in search, it is good to know and  appreciate the field for its complexity and change.

  • Josh suggested that Google will use structured markup until Google’s technology develops to the point  that markup is no longer needed.
  • Authorship is dead…  the reason why Google removed authorship is insufficient use – Google did not find it helpful.  71% of most impressive writers either did not do it or did it incorrectly.
  • AdWords is dropping description line 2 from mobile ads
  • Bing followed Google by combining desktop and tablet targeting for ads
  • [exact] is becoming Exact’ish as Google is trying to target searcher intent rather than exact keywords used
  • “Research I have done in last two weeks changed so dramatically…”
  • PigeonPigeon (local search update):  most affected industries are realtors and attorneys (particularly DWI).  Building links is in the past – need to continue to provide good content. Reviews are vital, even if they are hard to get…  One Bankruptcy attorney had dozens of reviews… what was his secret?  He asked…
  • Reviews – we can not ask for a positive review…  the methodology is to ask first “do you like me?  If no – ask what is wrong to use in operations.  If yes, direct the person to a review.
  • As Pigeon wiped results of some of agencies work, how to handle angry clients?  It is easier if clients understand Google to some degree…  they will accept changes.  If not, it is difficult…  there are many unhappy clients now.

From Google Authorship to Twitter, the overarching lesson for B2B search marketers is that if you’re executing tactics with broader B2B marketing objectives in mind, and not just SEO, you have a better chance of long-term success in search, even if you have to change tactical direction from time to time.

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