MIMA – Data Visualization

tVery interesting event on data visualization advantages.  Curious – “big data” was very popular relatively recently, and now data visualization seem to appear in the schedule different association.  Ha!  are we trying to make sense of “big data’ or realizing that little data in the head is better than big data somewhere in the cloud? 😉

A few points:

  • Who owns the data?  Not IT, not BA team – the business owns the data
  • Large number of data is not useful…  sending management a daily report as an Excel spreadsheet is not beneficial
  • Why we might want to fix visualization of data issue before fixing the quality of data?  If you don’t know what data you have…  what is the point in quality?
  • The presenter reviewed the chart of all available data visualization software and chose the easiest to use.  It makes complete sense – advanced features are not helpful if nobody in the company knows how to use them 😉