Book – Brandscaping

brandscapingBrandscaping appeared to be a more insightful book than I expected.  The main premise of the book is the advantage of partnership between brands and content producers that use the products to achieve popular objective.  A movies about dogs can increase preference of pets of certain breed, a health-related documentary can increase demand for juicers, and promotion of the idea that chickens can be excellent pets can increase sales of pet supplies.

Brandscaping suggests that brands can gravitate to other brands targeting the same audience similar to mall structure.  Whole Food store at the mall would attract different type of businesses compared to Target.  The book has been created to be not “how to” book, but “how to think” book – what makes sense after finishing it.

101 dalmatians and Finding Nemo  increased total demand for dogs and fish  – what kind of advertising budget you need to do the same?

Instead of advertising (branding), Bank of America partnered with History channel to produce America’s story – where branded content was interwoven into the content and most “commercials” were watched by the viewers of the episodes.



Another brandscape example – a documentary producer (and a star) asked a company for a free juicer to use in his documentary devoted to the topic of health and weight loss (nothing specific about the juicer).  The general interest to the “juicing” as a concept increased.  Juicers used to be sold around new year when people were hoping to start new healthy habits. With the release of the documentary, interest to juicers was related to the popularity of the film.  The company started to buy advertisement for the documentary rather than advertising its own products.


Interesting: searching for “fat sick and nearly dead juicer” produces a lovely option to buy it 🙂


Stop putting your product first – the movie is about changing life..

Companies that found themselves in crowded markets can promote its brands better targeting niche audiences.  The book suggests “fractal marketing” – infinitely devise-able audience.  How to find a niche?  Look for content void in your industry (trade publication) and test if this niche appeal to your target audience.

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