MIMA – Are We Using the Internet Yet?

futureThis is one of the presentation that won’t give the attendees a quick tip to bring to the office to improve a routine task or test, but could change the perception of the world around us…  not very useful by the end of the month, but very valuable in its intrinsic sense.

Yes, we use the internet…  but do we use it as it could or should be used?

Publishing in general is replicating real world in the digital world.  Why do we want “virtual” world that is similar to the real world (unless we want to do something that is not allowed in the real world)?  But what the true “virtual world” should be?  “Metaverse” is not done – “SecondLife” is not done…

What is Amazon?  It is just a catalog that can be clicked – there is no innovation based on the new channel… and we do not know what would they be.

TV is the best banner ad invented so far.  Magazines do a great job as magazines (let keep them as magazines) – web is something different.

Mobile phone is a fetish…  Glass will go away.

If you want to predict the future – invent it.

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