MN Search – Link Building

linkThis event happened to be more interesting than I expected (and less technical  than I feared).  Another interesting aspect – everything starts and ends with the content marketing.  Though it probably should be considered as a fact of life rather than anything to ponder.

A few notes from the event:

  • Conversions of SEO and PR “Not only ink, but also links.”  Why is it happening?  The objective is the same – reaching out and getting attention.  The main problem is that PR KPIs are not links…
  • Example of “co-marketing”: to appeal to an important industry publication (Mashable) three companies got together and ask the publication: “We are ready to cooperate to produce exclusive content for you – what content would you like?”
  • “Guest Posting” became “Contributor Journalism” – if you are a good writer, write one piece of content per week.  Find publications with contributing model, to get access to CMS (Forbs and Huffington Post are these types of publications).
  • Interesting point about what constitutes best content: an intersection of content that is interesting for the target audience and content that is interesting for the publication.  Usually, the most known value of content is the intersection between the target audience interest and company’s needs (company’s website); the content targeted to the publication is “matched” similarly to the publication.


  • Find what resonates with the audience


  • Another name for the aligning content to the stages of the buying cycle “message map”
  • HubSpot mentioned that significant portion of the content that is accessed on its site is over 6 months old
  • Content mismatch case study: an interactive “tool” has been produced “What career is right for me?”  The tool was interesting for the users, but the media did not want to link to it… Publications do not want to link to a “tool” – they want to link to the “data.”  The tool has been transformed to a more simple data-rich material, and became more popular as a link bait.
  • Paid matters!  
    • Retargeting (to keep the brand top of mind)
    • If you want to target writers in a specific publication and “encourage” them to find and notice your content, you can buy Facebook ads to target writers in this specific publication.
    • However, you can buy the eyeballs, but it is the quality of the content that will make the difference.

And a cute picture from Clear Voice Pinterest collection that is appropriate for both PR and SEO is below 😉


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