Eloqua Users Group – Promo Sampler

R1Relationship One is gowning…  though not in Asia yet (hint hint…  maybe one day?  🙂 )

A few useful notes:

Marketers were giving away free [something] to get Canadians to subscribe before the change in the law.

Kapost should have a free plug-in to build a calendar, but it may not be as useful for planning.  Many companies use Sharepoint calendars for planning to accommodate multiple Eloqua instances and even multiple marketing automation systems.

Conditional form is possible – but requires custom Java Script…  I wonder how it can be scaled through an organization with different level of skill sets…

Promo Sampler App

Useful for a situation when an offer expires based on a certain number of people registerePromo-samplerd or time of the promotion.  For example, requesting a free sample of […..]  with available inventory for X number of items.  Individuals can request only one sample, and the list of requests can be easily exported to send to a fulfillment house.

The app allows to set series of landing pages in advance to show based on remaining inventory, repeated requests, or time frame.

Reminding distributors to contact the customer

Interestingly, the company is finding it easier to check with the customer than multiple distributors.


The campaign can probably include additional surveys, etc.  Campaign is based on blind form submit functionality and custom objects.




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