Yes, I met Kathy Button Bell

As a marketer and an Emerson employee, I sometimes hear a question from industry acquaintances: “You work for Emerson, you are so lucky to have Kathy Button Bell as a CMO!  Do you work with her?”

Yes, Kathy is a marketing celebrity, and I am happy to work for a company with a CMO who has excellent industry reputation.  But, Emerson is a 24.7B organization with over 130 thousands of employees around the world…  during my first two years with the company, I have not met Emerson’s CMO.  This week I got lucky.


Fortunate to attend the first Social Media training organized specifically for Emerson employees, I was delighted to see our CMO attending the sessions and participating in the discussions during both days of the event.  Wow.  Kathy also was familiar with one of marketing books I loved and knew the author – another well-known marketer.

At that point I realized that this was an “Elvis sighting” event of my marketing career, and Kathy graciously agreed to commemorate it with a photo.  Now I can tell my professional association friends and fellow conference attendees that yes, I work for Emerson and I met company’s CMO, Kathy Button Bell.

We are lucky to have Kathy Button Bell as our marketing leader.  Quite a few times my colleagues and I brought to meetings articles with Kathy’s interviews in industry publications.  Her comments perfectly match our own thoughts: importance of marketing as a discipline, need to hire good marketers, and scarcity of marketing talent.

Thank you, Kathy!

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