Coursera – Understanding Media by Understanding Google

classThe course is part of the journalism program, what gives it a different perspective compared to an average marketing course.  The course is evaluating “what is” rather than “how we can use the medium for promotion of our company” – what is a very legitimate question 🙂

This different perspective does broaden horizon of the topic.  Marketing is changing…  the newspaper industry is probably experiencing a more dramatic change…  or rather dealing with the consequences of the change.




The quote from the course: every medium at first becoming a container of the old one.  When radio just appeared, it was used to read the content of the local paper.  Glossy magazines spent millions crating iPad apps for their magazines that were not accepted by users…

New medium (online news and social media) demonstrate what kind of news people find the most interesting – disasters… celebrities… politics probably depends on the country 😉


Interesting: Google became important enough to deserve a class in the school of journalism… 😉

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