Book – Mobile Magic

mobile-magicOne more book on mobile marketing that recommends not to jump into mobile app effort 🙂

A few gems from the book for the future projects:

Mobile phone penetration depends not only on what is technically possible, but what is culturally desirable.  Could it be the explanation of higher mobile activities in certain cultures?

4 keys to mobile marketing success: MIST

  • Mobile
  • Intimate
  • Social
  • Transnational

Functionality is only means to the end (oh, how often it is forgotten!).  There are many services on mobile just “because we can,” the mobile offering need to be uniquely suitable for mobile.  Proliferation of channels does not change what matters to people.

People use mobile devices to save time or to waste time.

Mobile games and joystick.  At the beginning of efforts to transfer video games to the mobile devices, the game producers straggled to reproduce the concept and functionality of joystick.  though Joystick is critical to the concept of a gaming station, it was impractical for the mobile environment.  Eventually, game producers discovered how to use characteristic of the new device to reach desirable effect.

The book recommends differentiation for store owners, who can not compete on price with the online offering.  If the showrooming is a problem, why not take advantage of it and provide the most comfortable environment?


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