SEO Meetup

SEOJeannie Hill gave an excellent presentation with many useful tips and ideas to ponder.

Jeannie made a very interesting point – in the large companies (where I like to work 🙂 ) approvals for SEO projects might take months.  As the industry moves faster than a corporate paper trail speed, too much changes from the time of the project conception to the moment when it can be executed.  Marketing environment, algorithms, best practices, etc. change, and the project might need to be changed to be effective.

As Google no longer show keywords…  it might not be as bad as marketers feel… With hummingbird changes and intense personalization, the keywords from the report may no longer make sense even if they would be available. 

Jeannie likes Moz Fresh alerts and uses the tool for her work.  she admits spending 2 hours a day to studying of “what happened while I slept…”

structuredSchema metadata is changing, useful to update.  Authorship is important and can help in your niche.

SEO-driven content:

  • write what is unique
  • write what is special
  • what people understand in your niche
  • use “things” versus “strings”

Search tips can change based on the user’s previous behavior; Jeannie recommended to check in different browsers – oh, yes, very different!!

In general, we need to try to satisfy our users and help Google to satisfy its customers.

If you do something that helps us to do our job, we will reward you for it

Google on structured data

Snack offered during the event was remarkably tasty 😉

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