Coursera – Analyzing Global Trends for Business and Society

instructorThis course states interesting questions, and encourages pondering about the answers.  the most interesting, in my opinion, is the collection of charts.  Many are surprising, some represent known facts, but just make the viewer more dramatically aware about the these facts.




Very interesting chart below – generally population of the world is aging, and the same process can be seen in china and Russia.  My native country (Russia), in addition to the trend has a male-female dis-balance most likely brought by the damage of alcohol.




General economic trends were interesting to watch.  Though rise of Chinese economy is well-understood, the chart describing its proportion as part of the global economy is rather dramatic.

AnocracyAnother trends that is interesting to see on the chart is the tendency of developed world to have much higher public debt compared to the developing world. The change of public spending as a percentage of GDP is showing cultural differences and a tendency of the developing world to grow public spending.

It was quite interesting to see that the total tax revenue as percentage of GDP of China now exceeds US.  It will be interesting to watch how this tax revenue will be used, and if it will continue to grow.






One of the most dramatic charts is the one below that shows how the last recession affected the world.  It was the first recession to affect all OECD Countries without exception.  This chart gives many reasons for the businesses to be cautious about the future and hopefully, it can inspire some solution from governmental international organizations.



What will happen in the future?  The instructor believes that China won’t become the most dominant power in the world as it is held back by a variety of constraints.  Instead, several countries will share the dominant position.  Could it be different?  Maybe.  We will see – trends are interesting to watch.

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