Book – Lead with a Story

storyLead with a Story: A Guide to Crafting Business Narratives That Captivate, Convince, and Inspire  – excellent book!

The book highlights the benefit of stories in business environment – to make a point, to introduce yourself, to inspire a team, or to promote an idea.  The book is full of excellent stories that are a pleasure to listen.

The author also explains the structure for the most effective story and gives several examples how it is different from “typical” business communication. Storytelling road map is available for download.

  • Context: 
    • Where and when?
    • Relatable Subject? (relatable hero)
    • What do they want? (worthy treasure)
    • Who/what’s in the way? (relevant obstacle)
  • Action:
    • Did the hero battle the villain? Ups, downs and setbacks along the way
    • C.A.R. in the right order?
  • Result: 
    • How did it end? Is the result clear?
    • Right lesson you wanted to teach
    • Why you told the story (Does it compel audience to do what you wanted?)


story-2Popular book title: “100 ways how not to do [your topic]”

Best place to look for a solution is outside of your industry – find an industry that already solved this problem.  (This advice seem to be everywhere, but it is rather difficult to follow… and even keep attention of colleagues on any industry except their exact industry).

Each company that has a sales team has a purchasing department…  Connecting sales with purchasing can help sales reps to hear stories that will be very valuable for their job.

Introduction to a new team is better done with a story.  Why?  Because people evaluate their trust to those who are known at 70%, but the trust to those who are not known at 30%.  The new person can become “better known” through a story.

Introduction stories:

  • I am not who you think I am (an introduction of a new American manager presumed to enforce his usual approaches to a German company –  the manager tells a story explaining that he experienced differences in approaches in different parts of US and he understands that in this situation he will need to learn how the business is done in Germany)
  • A little about me (a story allows the new team to get to know you personally to move the new person from the 30% trust of somebody “unknown” to 70% trust of somebody “known”
  • “Why I work here” story – passion of the person

General recommendation is to collect stories and use them.  It can be done by a company and by an individual 🙂

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