Eloqua Users Group – Marketing Project Management

Quick tip – one of our colleagues removes all internal addresses from Eloqua database to preserve the proper reports.  Anybody who would want to know about the outgoing emails to customers receives an internal communication with the explanation of the email (in the format that can not be easily forwarded 😉  ).

Interesting point: one of companies that purchased Eloqua, including Engage, have not used Engage for first 4 years…  After training and evangelizing for about a year, about 10% of reps started to use it.  Just about 1% of the reps can be considered power users and use the tool very effectively.

Marketing Project Management

moodLast Eloqua Users group was a quite intriguing opportunity to see how other marketing organization manages its projects.  The presenter – our fellow marketer – showed us MOOD (by IBM) – marketing project management tool.  It seemed simple enough and allowing for high level of complexity at the same time.

Ha!  I remember efforts to setup Aprimo on a couple of my previous jobs…  not always successful.  And it is always interesting to see how other marketers solve the same problems.  Ha!  Maybe taking Trello to the next level might the an excellent idea… 😉

Useful Outlook Feature

Another interesting tool mentioned was Outlook Quick Parts, which allows to save common content in Outlook and re-use it easily.



Coursera – What Managers Can Learn from Great Philosophers

LucThis course, though interesting in general, gave me one idea that… dramatically changed my perception 😉  The idea that there are two phases of change – change in reality and change in perception – explained instantly quite a few puzzles in my life.






Another major concept is moving from “thinking outside of the box” to the realization that our thinking is constrained into boxes and to achieve “freedom” from the original box, we need to created different boxes and concentrate on thinking within those boxes.




The Champagne example above is particularly interesting.  The company that produced Champagne was asked to describe its business without top 5 industry and company key words.  Struggling with the task, the executives concentrated on the fact that Champagne is an important part of a party.  As a result, a new box was created, inside which the company now could concentrate its thinking.  One of the results is a book (think content marketing 😉 ) that gave people an advice on how to give a good toast.




I also enjoyed professor’s book Thinking in New Boxes – highly recommend both: a book and a class.