Book – The Everything Store

storeVery insightful book – which I purchased from Amazon’ one time acquisition Audible.

Ah – I will definitely look at Amazon differently after enjoying this book.  Learning the history and progress of Amazon as a company also encouraged me to appreciate more work-life balance I enjoyed in my life.

The book also highlighted the unrelated historical march to commodization and need for differentiation for any brand.  Business in the age of Amazon will be interesting…  but it will be also fascinating to watch… 😉


MN Search – Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird

pphGoogle is changing… and SEO is changing…  so MN Search reflects the change 😉

Panda and Penguin were more targeted to combat SPAM, while Hummingbird is concentrated on contextual search (most likely supporting logical transition from SEO to content marketing… 😉  ).

Hummingbird included full search engine rewrite, contextual search, mobile and voice search, structured data, searching different content based on the device.  Open Graph Protocol becoming more important.

We need to get used to seeing competitors on the search results 😉


  • Important: paying attention to the internal search…  the data can be used to structure site based on the searched queries.  Particularly important when Google does not provide search queries.
  • Sometime iPad searches return mobile version of the site – not good for the customer experience.

main recommendation:

Deliver the most unique relevant content as fast as possible!



Eloqua Users Group – Data Purchase

R1Quite interesting event.  List purchasing – b-to-b lists should be better than b-to-c lists for purchasing.  5% hard bounce is considered too high for b-to-b list (I thought it was actually low – oops).

Do not use name analyzer for international forms – the tool could penalize languages other than English 🙂

Ron outlined a useful structure of data from the marketing perspective, which can be used for “thinking” about the data.


FreshAddress and LeadSpend can be used for “pre” phase of validation.  Normalization via program builder can be used for “post validation” and “normalization.”  A variety of vendors can be used for Normalization and Enhancement.

FreshAddress-logo             leadspend-logo


Some data companies concentrate more on b-to-b aspects and some on b-to-c.  DemandBase and NetProspex will have more of firmographic data and Experian can be good for demographic/psycho-graphic profiling.

LeadSpend (a new to me vendor) has an excellent graphic explaining some of its capabilities:


Ron also mentioned a new Oracle acquisition – BlueKai – which has interesting data opportunities for marketers.  The new tool integrates easily with Eloqua.