MIMA – Native Advertising

nativeThough there are many conversations about native advertisement, the examples of native ads are not quite easy to find.  Content and advertising is converging?

One of the explanation of the transition is commodization of the advertising inventory and publications’ desire to “add value” to the brands – provide something that is not easily available.

Two examples below show native advertisement seamlessly added to the publication, merging with the publication’s style and tone.


The BuzzFeed article is an article fitting well to general content of the publication.  There is no advertisement, just a note on the bottom where to get a dog treat.



The Onion article fits with the tone of the publication.  The link in the article leads to YouTube video, which has a call to action to the promoted product.  It would be better to host the YouTube video on the separate landing page to make the call to action more prominent 🙂

What does not work:

  • Content for the sake of the content

What works:

  • Understanding brand objectives
  • aligning with existing media habits of the target audience

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