Book – The Myths of Creativity


Quite interesting book, with a few very unexpected and counter intuitive points.

Idea generation is more than generating ideas – it includes prototyping, etc. – other activities that “prepare” for the idea and also make it more acceptable .

Creative tasks are more successful if the person has a “break” in the middle of the task.  During the break, the person’s mind need to be allowed to wonder a difficult cognitive task during the break will not increase creative performance as much as less demanding task. During the “break” we “selectively forget” the “thought pathways” on which the idea generation was “stuck” and can continue.

Brainstorming: teams who are encouraged to “debate” ideas during the period of brainstorm are more successful in idea generation (experimentation shows 25% more successful) and have more additional ideas after the session ends.

Don’t worry about possibility that your idea can be stolen.  Often entrepreneurs (and maybe everybody who has an idea) are afraid to expose their idea to others because it could be “stolen,” and somebody else might benefit from the implementing the idea.  The issue is usually different: if the idea is any good, it will take time to force people to accept the idea.  The recommendation for the entrepreneurs worried about their ideas is to try to contact potential large competitor, and try to make them to steal a less valuable idea the entrepreneur has.  It won’t be easy 😉


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