MN Search – SEO Tools of the Trade with Christopher Hart

linkdexTime flies – just a few years ago we hardly had a tool or two for SEO needs, and now we are talking about tools classifications and platforms.  SEO tools became its own ecosystem that require a knowledgeable navigator.

Christopher Hart is part of Linkdex – one of enterprise SEO software providers.

Notes from the event:

  • Interesting – Chris mentioned the internal search as one of the primary tools – and it makes complete sense.
  • The individual tools evolved into platforms with complete set of data
  • Another interesting point: small businesses and large enterprises adopt marketing technologies similarly with the only difference of small businesses adopting social faster and large enterprises concentrating more on automation tools (what is understandable)
  • SEO needs to change
    • SEO started as exploiting search engines (no longer possible or makes sense)
    • need to understand the audience 
    • need to appeal to the audience and make them advocates
  • MOZ industry survey 2014  (conversions and content become more and more important)





  • Social should be handled in house (“you are the only ones who remotely understands your business)
  • SMO won over CTO on budget
  • What changed in 2014: “gaming the system is no longer possible”
  • Pay attention to Structured Data (this is important for the presentation, not ranking, but can affect the business)
  • bookRanking – “set of data to use to do something else” – in itself does not have a value as a target metric
  • Very interesting piece of material (think content marketing 😉 ), Digital Marketing Transit Map.  The map shows connection to the major “hubs” in the industry and allow to see each individual line separately.  The map truly looks similar to a subway map of any major European city. The map (as a piece of content) has enough calls to action on the page to make it beneficial for the creator 🙂


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