Mobile March 2014

mobilemarchLast few years I was looking forward to Mobile March, and the event has always been very good.  The only unpredictable is the weather – it varies from snow on the ground to 70+ degrees for the lovely day 🙂   This year the event was excellent, the weather was… hm… cold.

Notes from the event:

  • The perception of mobile marketing is changing from “have to have a mobile presence”  (cost of doing business) to “how to re imagine your business” (What is ROI?  What is differentiation?)
  • Search: 25% of searches use mobile, 50% of mobile have local intent
    • Most important question of search: what is the outcome you want to achieve?
    • If web site is not good, call to action for a phone call is advisable
    • Google using mobile experience as a ranking factor
    • Speed of the mobile site – pay attention, but do not get obsessed (nobody figured it out yet)
    • Google developers test site – allows to see Google recommendations
    • C-suite executives can be found searching primarily 9-5 (business hours)
    • Mobile search – click through rate drops significantly from spot #1 to the bottom of the first page – almost 90%
  • BuzzFeed
    • buzz50% of the traffic is mobile (more web mobile traffic rather than an app views); major referrals are Facebook and Pinterest
    • App has higher user engagement vs. web visits
      • Web: read article and leave
      • App – stay and spread content
    • Recruitment of mobile engineers is difficult; the recruit should be involved into the community
    • Use Google Analytics for mobile – why?
      • the same analytics that web site is using
      • data team is comfortable with GA
    • If the app crushes, the review button does not show…   but the feedback button does 😉
  • YouTube lessons
    • Women tend to spend more money based on YouTube activities
    • Older people watch the entire video, then comment…  millenials watch part of the video and comment
    • Thumbnail matter – upload a custom thumbnail; color of the thumbnail also matters (red is not good – danger – the example was very attractively purple)
  • Mobile Behaviours
    • Before: technology moved from military to the civilian life…   now, civilian technology is often used by military – interesting.  US Military is using Android.
    • From the retailing perspective, Starbacks is the leader in the mobile space

JingIt – a loyalty program allowing advertisers to “pay” customers for trying their products or doing a survey, and customers to earn real money for these actions.  Value proposition for the advertisers – it is an alternative to advertisement when you know exactly for which action you are paying and can

  • jingComparing to all types of encouragement to take action, customers prefer cash
  • Loyalty app “paying” people for doing something, including trying a new product or taking a survey
  • If not app, another option is to scan a receipt, etc.  there are many options, but it is as straightforward yet, as it could be
  • Digital coupons are different from paper coupons – in some cases merchants were not able to “stop” them and could not honor the coupons, as a result, consumer trust in electronic coupons may not be that high
  • Jingit case studies section has interesting scenarios for advertisers


SalesFitnes – a concept of sales training to encourage practice and even possibly competition between reps.  The training is done through the app (native – iPad, as the most popular platform in the target audience).

Interesting: the app comes “out of the box” with standard content for a typical consultative sales training, but can be significantly customized for any product training and unique company’s needs.  SalesFitness also ready to provide a service of developing content specific for the company’s needs – I am guessing it will be the best strim of the revenue for the company (just a guess…  based on long-time experience in the online marketing industry) 😉



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