Coursera – Critical Perspectives on Management

RolfExcellent and thought-provoking class!  The class forces students to look at management questions differently and see the questions from the human perspective as they existed for centuries.

One of the interesting topics is FDRS (Forced Distribution Ranking Scheme).  The class highlighted lack of any evidence that the system was beneficial, but sufficient understanding why it is not.  Forbs published a few interesting articles highlighting some of the aspects of the Scheme.

Concentration on shareholder value as a goal of an organization was also discussed.  The class provided fantastic and very organized insight into the damaging aspects of the approach…  for the organization, for the society, and even for the long-term shareholders.

Firm objective…  quite interesting to know that firms that do not consider constant growth their objective are some of the most long-lasting companies in their industries.

I loved the quizzes!  Each question actually required thinking and I could not answer more than half of the questions correctly from the first try – it was very entertaining!


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