Book – World 3.0

World-3-0Fantastic book!  the book challenges “globaloney” that gives many people incorrect understanding of the globalization.  My head was full of globaloney!  🙂

The book takes the reader through evolution of our understanding about the world and simple reality of World 1.0 (local and suspicious of strangers),  World 2.0 (the idea that distance does not matter), and World 3.0 – the real world – connected, but still constraint by distance, culture, and other constraints.

What surprised me most is the argument that increased immigration would benefit significantly both the developing countries from which people are moving and developed destination countries to which people want to move.  The restriction of the immigration would be detrimental not only for the developing countries, but also for the developed ones.


The discovery that I still have gaps in understanding of the “round” world (per survey in the book and on the site) was also eye opening.  From one side, I am bi-lingual immigrant who typically works in international companies and full of “globaloney,” from another side, my sensitivity to the differences of the world has a room for improvement 😉

The author’s site is a treasure of information, and particularly insightful maps of relationships between countries – an incredible resource!



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