MN Search — Video Search Marketing

Interesting and useful event as usually.  The event was held in new location at Spyder Trap (great parking is on the back of the building, Scott, thank you for the tip!).


Interesting points:

Video Optimization Best Practices:

“Think before you YouTube”

  • If your objective is to drive traffic to your site, YouTube may not be the best; it is not effective in driving traffic
  • Hosting: YouTube/Vimeo or self-host?  Depends on objectives and appetite for handling its own development inside the company (YouTube is free and easy, and can be embedded; but do not hope too much on driving traffic to the site)
  • YouTube keyword research is not the best – use your normal keyword tools and Google videos YouTube suggest
  • After keywords are found, use them
    • Video Title
    • File name
    • Video Description
    • Comments
    • Transcription
  • If hosting your own video
    • Normal SEO (page title, URL, text, etc.)
    • Recommended one video per page
  • Add markup  – explanation of the markup from Google Webmaster tools
  • XML video site map generator



  • Clicks on YouTube are less expensive than AdWords


  • Video ideas for promotions:
    • How to videos (show your products in action or any tips and tricks related to your products)
    • Success stories (a real, authentic first-person account – not an advertisement)
    • Product features and benefits
    • Commercial (the same format that can be done in a traditional media)
  • Targeting can be done by demographic, interests, keywords (including negative)
  • YouTube remarketing is possible (I did not know that – this is very interesting!)