UXPA – Lean UX

topAs usually, interesting event that showed something new and unexpected.

HealthPartners adapted Lean UX as a response to the development shift to agile, and the approach helped the organization to move from documentation focus to result focus in UX design.  The process became more collaborative at the same time.

“Increasing collaboration and decreasing documentation”

Interesting, one of the UX teams in HealthPartners consists of 4 UX designers, 7 front-end developers, 1 visual designer, and a supervisor.  This team works with others, including back-end developers, content specialists, marketing, and project managers.

A great article on Lean UX in Smashing Magazine has a good explanation of the process.


One of the most eye-opening parts of the presentation was the evolution of the style guide HealthPartners used.  The “old” version is very familiar to many organizations that use it.


The new version, however, gives a useful interface where each element can be found easily and code for this element can be copied.


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