Book – The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business

The-advantageOne more wonderful book by Patrick Lencioni…  I might need to check other of his books too 🙂   The main concept of the book is a value of a healthy organization.  “Healthy” organization is not a “smarter” organization; based on the author’s view, many companies are trying to become smarter in expense of their general health, what is not beneficial for their business.

Executive Book Summaries offers an excellent summary of the book.

A couple of concepts were particularly profound, from my perspective:

  • clarityImportance of Clarity.  Starting from “who does what” to the purpose of the organizational existence; from company communications to helping people leave the company if their needs do not match the company’s purpose.

Another interesting point – the company’s purpose (how does the company contributes to the better world) is not a differentiation – it can be similar to other companies of the same type; business differentiation is independent from the purpose.

  • “Most important team” – members of executive team may feel closer to their functional teams, but they need to consider the executive team itself primary and think about this team first.  This approach will reduce fiftoms and attempts to get the most resources for the team a particular executive manages in the expense of the entire organization.

summaryMain points from the summary:

  1. Build a cohesive leadership team
  2. Create clarity
    1. Why do we exist?
    2. How do we behave?
    3. What do we do?
    4. How will we succeed? (creation of strategy)
    5. What is the most important right now? (Thematic goal)
    6. Who must do what?
  3. Over-communicate Clarity (cascading communication)
  4. Reinforce Clarity

The book also recommends interesting (and very reasonable) approach to meetings, including a quick 5-10 minutes administrative meeting daily to avoid emails, etc. to resolve quick questions and issues.

The Table Group website offers additional resources.

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