Book – Neuro Web Design

neuroVery interesting book and a pleasure to read.  My guess, the topic of the book is more broad than nuances of human psychology that can be used in web design – it is a wonderful overview of nuances of human psychology that can be used in marketing in general.

A few good points to review:

  • Scarcity implies that the product is more valuable and more desirable
  • If we SEE what we will get, we want it right away, that will speak to the mid brain and encourage us to act
  • People tend to select an most left item on e-comm sites – and then justify the selection in an elaborate way
  • One more reason to use “you” language rather than “we the company” language: it is appealing to the old brain, which is rather self-centered and concerned about danger, sex, and food.  Using the world “you” is an automatic way to grab the attention of the old brain.
  • Attractive images of food will catch attention (I remember pie-chars made in Pizza and chocolate…  now it makes more sense 😉  ).
  • “Because the old brain cares about safety and danger, any pictures or headlines that look or sound frightening will automatically get our attention.”
  • “Surveys can be used not only to gather data from customers, but also to elicit a public statement that will help clinch commitment
  • brainYou are more likely to listen to and buy from someone who is like you and someone you find attractive.
  • “if you site is for particular demographic, make sure that the photos are similar.”
  • Application of loss aversion: show a complete product and offer to remove features (and reduce price), rather than show a basic product and offer to add features (and increase price).  People will not want to “lose” the experience that they already had.
  • “90% chance of success is better than 10% chance of failure”
  • Could be tested: people may be more willing to fill out a form after receiving useful information – reciprocity principle
  • Importance of storytelling.  If someone at work suggested you attend a workshop on how to communicate clearly at work, you might be interested.  But how many of us would scoff if it were suggested that we attend a workshop on storytelling?  🙂

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