MN Search – The Art & Science of Building a Great Community

moz-logoMoz community – community of marketers.  🙂  Person who manages the community needs to be a part of the community.  If it is a marketing community, the person needs to be a marketer, if it is a fantasy football community, the person needs to understand and love the subject.

Interesting: the activity of the specific community can differ and community manager needs to monitor his/her audience to find this unique pattern.  Marketers are on G+ (maybe not others…  but marketers are there 🙂  ), marketers are also active on the social media during work hours but take weekends off.

Many people come to work and start their day from a blog post.

Engaged community can support the business during a difficult time.  Moz had issues with their site at one point; fans made a poster and send pictures.



  1. What do you want to achieve?what
  2. Make it someone’s job (how to hire a community manager)
  3. Find the people for your community (and what they care about)followerwonk
  4. Engage (do all the things)
  5. Measure all the thingsKPIs
  6. Test all the things

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