MIMA – Journalism, Ethics and Content in the Digital Age

atlanticThe conversation concentrated on the content marketing and its role in the the field of journalism…  or journalism and it possible role in the area of content marketing.  As we all know, the attention to marketing messages is higher if they look closer to editorial content, but making an ad look like an editorial can backfire.

As marketing (and journalism) is going through the industry disruption, new questions of effectiveness and ethics become more important.  Anything can be technically done…  what should be done?

One of the lessons’ of latest experiments is a need to differentiate between editorial content and advertisement.  From another side, the advertisement still need to have a utility for the reader.  Ads and links related to the content are the most beneficial.

bmtnInteresting: Bring Me The News is a distribution operation; the journalists on staff on average have 18 years experience in the field.  Audience: highly educated, affluent, very engaged in social media.

Star Tribune ads not only ads, but additional advertisement content to the site (utility).

Content marketing is more and more important and advertising and PR are loosing their former power.  Marketers can create “context” for the message.

Examples of content created by companies:

  • Red Bull content – entertainment
  • Optum Health health content – utility
  • Star Tribune buss add on traffic page – utility


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