MN Search – E-Commerce SEO, PPC, and CRO

Very interesting event!  Though I also start to recognize that as a general online marketer, in a couple of years I will be completely lost in the details of each specific discipline – everything is evolving so fast!  While I can understand (and enjoy) laser-focused events with this level of specifics, I am glad to attend them 🙂

Jeff shared a couple of hilarious videos  from Google Analytics channel – the videos show how would online shopping experience would look in real life…  if it can be translated into “real life”  🙂

An interesting point – for ambiguous products – names of products that can fit more than one category, co-referencing can be used.  Co-referencing is a link from the product description to the Wikipedia page that specify the category of the product.  For example is the specific product is associated with a band or sports team (and can be understood differently) a link to that band or sports team (or any associated concept, related to sports or music) can help search to make sure that this product is shown to searches who is interested in relevant concept.

schemaInteresting – Schema has a set of tags that specify layout of the article in social media, including Facebook. etc.  Raven has a tool that allows to create these tags easily.  Though would most benefit agencies and internal SEO teams, it is also good to know about its existence.

Shopping experience is expanding on Pinterest – rich pins allow to include product price inside the pin itself.

Google image search nuances: good quality images are needed.  Increasing bid can lead to expanded targeting and the targeting can lead to lower conversion.  Image search needs to be monitored closely by the agency.


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