Content Marketing at Eloqua Experience 2013

Wow!  This year Eloqua Experience conference was clearly influenced by the content.  And it is not surprising.  90% of all b-to-b purchases start with content engagement.  Last years concentration on social media is subsiding – social media is just another channel for…  content.

Lee Jorgenson from Compendium summarizes the content ascension to the spotlight in the video below.

Eloqua experience had at least four content-related sponsors.  Compendium (now part of Eloqua) and Kapost provide content management solutions (just a year and a half the best practice in content marketing was a spreadsheet!  😉  Content4Demand and BrightTalk are content producers.




We are witnessing an evolution of understanding of marketing content (notes from Kapost presentation).

  1. It is interesting!
  2. Oh… it is important.
  3. Hm… if I am not doing it, it is a problem.

Web site conversion rate is several times higher for leaders in content marketing compared to an average organization.

Primary challenge of content marketing is process.  It is important to create and optimize a cross-functional content factory.  One or more people in the company need to be content people.  Content calendar is also important to make sure everybody is aware about content production and translation as needed.

  1. whitepaper-kapostteam
  2. ideation
  3. planning
  4. production
  5. distribution
  6. analysis

Kapost recommends creation of one key piece of content and building other pieces of content on its basis.  the rest of the content can derive from the main piece.

Compendium structures content as high effort, medium effort, and low effort and uses this content for different marketing objectives.

Both Kapost and Compendium provide content management software; Compendium also specializes in promotional mechanism.



It is a pleasure to see that the content is getting more attention (more M&A activity is expected in the industry 😉  ).  Yes, content is primary, and channel is secondary.  Both are needed, but after our industry was working so hard on building the channels, it is definitely time to build industry knowledge, methodology, and tools around the most important part – what will be promoted through the channels.

Kapost presentation during the conference had a couple of very insightful slides.  One of the slides emphasized the need of the process (and somebody to manage the process) of content production in the organization.


Another important slide is an excellent illustration of where content marketing belong in a successful organization – it is an organization-wide initiative run by marketing, rather than a series disjointed efforts within different silos.


The entire presentation is posted on SlideShare

Though content was always vital for SEO, new Google changes emphasize this the need for spectacular content even further.

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