Eloqua Experience 2013 – Modern Marketing

As usually, the conference gave many ideas to try, showed discoveries to ponder, and different perspectives to remember 😉  A few slides from the training sessions were good to save.

Good reference slide with type of campaigns by buying cycle and their goals.


An evolution of campaign map is interesting to watch – this is the best version I have seen 🙂


Lovely slide for the argument to invest more in lead management and communication with sales.


Typical marketing and sales hand-off illustration.


Account-based marketing

A new (for me) emphasis was made on account-based marketing.  The premise of the idea is abundance of leads and need for qualification rather than increasing of the lead number.  Account-based approach can be used as an additional (or primary) qualification method.


Responsive emails

My general perception from the session was “Thou shalt not do responsive emails in-house”  🙂   Eloqua templates make sense and code relatively straightforward.  However, the amount of nuances that has to be considered for the good template and testing needed…  suggests that it is probably better to outsource to experts.

Quarterly Business Review

Kronos does quarterly business review with the SMO, where all marketing activities are evaluated on high level.  The review allows CMO to come to the executive meetings with numbers (similar to the rest of executives).

Quarterly Business Review

  • requires executive support
  • should include insights
  • designed to improve business results

Pre-schedule 2 hour sessions two years in advance to allow executives to attend (an opportunity for decision making).

Executives are overwhelmed with dashboards and reports; share recommendations and results.  During first meetings, CMO will request of of some materials and less of other materials.  Teams are not present during the review – it is easier for CMO to ask questions that might be embarrassing for managers.

Ha! Kronos has GA, WT and Omniture, but most of the insights come from GA 🙂

Recommendation to find existing research and information to “build the case” for anything needed.

The presenter is Director of Marketing Operations (a marketer).

Below are a few of marketing metrics used by the company:A-dashboard



Contact Acquisitions is an interesting metric.  The company was strategically purchasing contacts with derision-making power to enhance its database.


Industry disruptions

This was a “scary” session…   Our marketing industry is disrupted… and in general business is disrupted…  and the changes will be shocking.

Google already wiped out over 10,000 businesses (maps, encyclopedias, etc.) by providing free information.

Businesses need to adapt.  Marketers need to adapt.


We reviewed mega trends and tried to evaluate which will be the most important for our industry.  A few of us in manufacturing tried to identify trends that will impact manufacturing and found that too many trends could be involved.  The oversize was an interesting insight on the changes to come…


Interesting notes from the session: smart is a new green, Seimens is reorganizing around “cities as customers,”  Pampers had flat sales emphasizing features (driest diapers); sales increased when Pampers re-positioned itself as a partner of mothers for long-term health and success of the babies).

Hmmm…. can manufacturing entertain a subscription model? 🙂

mI skipped markies, the collection of best of the best will be an inspiration for the future!  🙂  http://markies.eloqua.com/

Reviewing entries would be helpful for ideas how to advance modern marketing in our own organizations. 

Eloqua Experience 2013 – Fun, Fun, Fun!

It was a blast!  🙂  Serious notes from the conference will have to wait, but it was a lot of fun!

The conference started from an Eloqua Advocates party, in a setting with spectacular view (oh, it was a foggy day…  but I found the view as it was “supposed to be”).


Meeting acquaintances from previous years and Eloqua executives a unique opportunity for advocates.  Last year during the advocates party we discussed click tracking and this year it was a focus of my presentation.  I also had an opportunity to thank Eloqua for the executive track option, what has been popular among my management (based on my last two jobs).

pinsThough I do not network deliberately and business cards seem to go out of circulation, I ran out of a dozen business cards that I brought with me by the end of the first day of the conference.  This is a testament to a many insightful conversations and unexpected discoveries 🙂

A pride and joy of any Eloqua Experience attendee – my collection of very important pins!  Pins are seriously important – one of them is a pass to Advocates party, another is a pass for an VIP version of a welcome reception.  Parties were spectacular…  did I mention the food?

Yes, the food!!  It was my third year attending the dinner with Relationship One, which is becoming more and more spectacular.  Wow.  This year the dinner took us on an incredible several course adventure through the dining experience in an exquisite setting.  A couple of dinner attendees were lucky winners of a cook book signed by the famous chef himself.


And the most exciting adventure (for me!) of the conference was the opportunity to speak during one of the sessions.  I think I enjoyed it more than the sessions attendees.  The opportunity to share insight and save my industry counterparts some efforts in their own marketing journey was incredibly enjoyable.


I love sharing knowledge.  The feeling that this sharing helps other marketers is absolutely priceless.  Marketing is an industry in the constant state of disruption – opportunities to learn are endless.



A gist of the presentation has been captured by BrightTalk in the interviews of the conference attendees the company did during the event.  Thank you, BrightTalk!  


Eloqua Experience 2013 was a spectacular event and it will take some time to organize all important notes.  But it was also fun – a very enjoyable event.