MIMA Summit 2013


Interesting and inspiring event!  The topic seem to be perfect – it is permanent stat of change in marketing 🙂   We all probably don’t know what to think – is it bad (where is not enough time to keep up!) or good (oh – look at all the opportunities!), but we all have to adapt… or else 😉

My notes from the event:

  • SLJournalism:  some part of the profession changed dramatically (newspapers are practically dead), but some parts remained important and will never change.
    • Changed: ability to “own” a niche – easy access to a very specific audience that was not possible before
    • Changes: “the scourge of the kitten video” – utilitarian video that brings views
    • Will never change: great reporting and great writing (people will read long stories if they are right for them)
  • Interesting: the publication is concentrating on the video experiment…  however, if a person new to marketing will just see the “video” as the main objective, in the reality, the main objective is the innovative topic, and video is just a chosen format (or channel) for the topic.
  • Content for slow experiences (excellent notes from this session by Vertical Response) – interesting: people perceive experience as “slow” if it is boring, but do not perceive an equal amount of time as “slow” if the experience was engaging.  The same principle can be applied to content
  • crutchExample of “slow” content – Crutchfield.  Interesting – Crutchfield migrated to the web its core business model – fantastic in-depth content for a specific niche market.  The model is rather based on business strategy, and content is a tactic.  The organization also centered around customer service, which include content in every form – print, web, chat, and technical support.
  • Other organizations providing  fantastic long-form (and helpful) content are REI and Patagonia
  • In content marketing field volume alone confers no advantage; one insight is more important
  • Brand is a powerful force, but the knowledge behind the brand is of greater value.  Lowe’s wonderful example of useful tips delivered via Vine


  • Do not value your content over the job it is supposed to do.  An example: a DoSomething.org video received over 1.5 million views…  but contributed nothing to its objective.  It could not be considered a success.


  • afternoonMetrics – interesting point: just counting available data points allow much better understanding of the situation than pundits are able to do by evaluating only data they favor.  Election prediction was not hard if results all available pols could be simply tallied.
  • 85% correlation where eyes move and people click (evaluation of click-mapping tools)
  • When people come to a web site, they came for a specific reason.  Content to satisfy the need has to be on the site.  Multiple areas with call to action encourage clicking of the back button.
  • Best online solution will not help if the basic research is not done (selling phones in Hong Kong online did not succeed because common method of purchasing phones is to do it in person from multiple street sellers).

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