BMA – Marketing and IT

EduardoEduardo Conrado, Senior Vice President – Marketing & IT, Motorola Solutions,  shared his perspective on evolution of relationships between marketing and IT in his presentation to BMA audience.

Eduardo describe organizational evolution from products to solutions, to trusted adviser to the customers of the business.  All parts of the organization work on “solutions,” but not nervelessly IT.  IT can report to CEO, or IT can report to a different parts of the organization.  If IT reports to different parts of the organization, it is either Operations or Finance.  If IT reports to Operations, it transforms itself to support the supply chain.  If IT reports to Finance, it is concentrating on optimizing it own processes and operations.  However, if the organization as a whole wants to be organized around customer solutions, IT needs to report to Marketing.


Eduardo mentioned “Start with Why” and understanding what makes the company unique.  Purpose driven companies outperform competition.

Motorola combined IT support for marketing and digital marketing into one group that is reporting to marketing.

Interesting: responsibility for data resides in the front office not in the back office.

Working with vendors – vendors educated the company on what is possible in technology.

Ideal marketing hire is both a quant and creative.

MIMA – Facebook for Business

phoneInteresting – this was the first event in my memory where conversation about prevalence of mobile was illustrated not by an image of an iPhone 😉

As Facebook considers itself a publication and a platform at the same time, it concentrates on mobile first.

facebook-studioDuring popular vacation times general advertisement engagement activity decreases, but not on Facebook – it remains the same.

48% of people use Facebook while exercising in a gym 😉

A note was repeated several times during the event: any social marketing initiative needs to start from business objectives and not “social metrics.”  Generating followers or likes is not a business objective 😉

Facebook maintains Facebook Studio, which works as an award-based recognition forum for marketing initiatives.  Though my attempt to find b-to-b examples lead only to one – Jive – a promotion of social business software (what somewhat makes sense for Facebook environment).  Interesting point of the campaign is a superior performance of Facebook comparing to email and even Wall Street Journal on the main objective – download free trial of social business software 😉