MN Search – Enhanced Campaigns

Enhansed-CampaignsWonderful event as usually, though the deph of knowledge in search in general is amazing what makes my 5 year old PPC experience insufficient to understand some nuances.  However, it is always better to understand your own limitations 🙂

Enhanced campaigns: Google used to allow PPC targeting based on the device (I remember I was so excited when the option appeared, and I was disappointed of low level of mobile traffic on campaigns I managed 😉   The setting changed to allow targeting multiple devices within one campaign.  The presentation reviewed spectacular case studies of devices targeting and implications.

A few interesting points:

  • Google will not show the add on the device that can not view the content of the ad landing page.  If the user is searching on iPhone or iPad, the add leading to the page with Flash won’t be shown.  It can be used to assure that landing pages are not shown on most common mobile devices – add a Flash file to the page
  • People are more likely to call from a mobile device than from a desktop.  As for many businesses phone conversions are higher than online form conversion, mobile device targeting can have higher ROI
  • Whitepaper case study: one company promoted whitepaper using PPC and discovered minimal activity Friday afternoon and a spike Sunday evening (most likely people were preparing for Monday meetings and attempted needed research)
  • Google uses “bounce back” rate for determining quality score, not pure bounce rate.  “Bounce back” is a rate of people who clicked on the add and then click back to the search results.
  • In cases when a web site has vital information on pages that do not require visitors to visit more than one page for conversion (prominent phone number with encouragement to call), a bounce rate in GA can be modified to “adjusted bounce rate.”


I absolutely loved the quote:

Averages hide all useful data

The speaker also recommended more use of pivot tables and mentioned that there are good videos explaining how to do it easily. As Excel upgraded a couple of times since I lived and breathed pivot tables, I did find a good video 😉

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